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DIA 2016 Annual Meeting

June 26, 2016
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

Art Gertel, Principal in Regulatory, Art is presenting a tutorial on Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials on June 26 at 1 pm and this offers an overview of the various ethical considerations associated with conducting clinical trials, including the history of ethical principles - Nuremburg Conventions, Declaration of Helsinki, The Belmont Report, and ICH. Topics will include obtaining ethics committee and regulatory authority clearance, subject informed consent, investigator conflict-of-interest, issues of fraud, authorship, and ensuring subject safety and well-being. In addition, consideration will be given to conducting studies in emerging economy populations where fair distribution of risks and benefits come into play. It will become evident, through case examples, that these issues are not always black-and-white, and that the situation in which these issues are considered result in many shades of gray.

If you can not attend the conference but would like a copy of the presentation materials, and how they apply in your therapeutic area, fill out he form below and we will send information to you at the conclusion of our sessions.